About The Rising Writer

D. Logan Derrick has lived most of his life in the hot Phoenix valley area of Arizona. Even with a couple of years lived in Missouri and a couple of years in Louisiana, Arizona has always been home. He has danced around different college degrees ranging from business to healthcare. Having spent many of his early 20’s trying to figure out his calling in life, he also bounced from job to job seeking out a position that would click and turn into a career for him…that never happened.

In 2017, Logan started writing again for the first time since he was in high school. Not yet having any published works, he is spending much of his limited free time working on stories as well as writing articles for this blog and others. Although he has a full time job and other responsibilities throughout the week, he is training himself to make time to write at least for a short period of time every day. He currently has a goal to finish and publish his first book before the end of 2017.

Logan is happily married and has a young son. He enjoys spending any additional free time travelling with his family, watching movies, and cooking.

Check out his first blog post and the reason The Rising Writer was started right here.

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